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Climate Change Impacts


Climate Change Impacts




Existing and future infrastructure is vulnerable to a changing climate. Identifying these vulnerabilities is necessary in creating a sustainable and resilient community.

Resilient Analytics™ focuses on helping asset managers and owners pinpoint the most critical performance issues, potential threats, and the precise cost impacts. A timeline can help inform medium and long-term planning and budget considerations.

Vulnerability Assessments include three components:

  • Create an infrastructure baseline – what assets are being analyzed? This means identifying the infrastructure type (roads, bridges, buildings) and specific features (road type, building type and usage, energy anlalysis). This step can include annual growth functions or specific planned future projects, or focus on existing infrastructure.

  • Identifying the projected changes in climate as proposed by (all or some) of the available climate change model projections. Currently IPSS™ is capable of analyzing changes in precipitation, temperature, humidity and flooding for nearly 80 different climate futures through 2100 for anywhere in the world. All are approved by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

  • Highlight critical performance issues, damage threats and cost impacts. Based upon projected climate changes, infrastructure assets and the engineering methodology applied by IPSS™, critical issues are identified. This includes annual cost estimates (such as increased maintenance costs for roads if temperature increases) and major failure points (such as HVAC upgrades necessary for indoor air quality).



Identify critical vulnerabilities and improve asset life


Avoid costly degradation from climate impacts through proactive adaptation

Energy Analysis:

Energy Reduction and sustainability needs to take account of a changing climate

Vulnerability Assessments:

Understand climate change and the impacts on the infrastructure

Adaptation Options:

The effects of climate change are applied to individual components of infrastructure ...

Risk Management:

Allow decision-makers to identify critical performance issues