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Climate Change Impacts


Climate Change Impacts




Transportation systems provide the foundation of daily economic and social activity as well as aspects of health, education, culture and more. Negative and costly impacts from a changing climate can cause significant disruptions and damages.

Climate Impact on Transport

Roads are highly susceptible to climate change damages. Increases in heat threaten asphalt pavement integrity through increased cracking and softness. Increases in precipitation may cause flooding, cracking and standing water. Freeze-thaw cycles can deteriorate roads fast and require increased maintenance. Over time, these changes become increasingly costly if adaptation steps are not undertaken.

A critical question for asset managers is concerning the economic viability of assets: how can transport infrastructure withstand climate changes that require new engineering design, preparation and maintenance? The operation of key networks during weather hazard or other events is critical for disaster response and preparedness.

Addressing and Planning for Climate Change

Research-based, field tested methods of adapting to climate impacts provides knowledge about how to manage future risk. Specific investments made during construction or re-construction can have high returns on investment by extending the life-cycle viability of road networks

Key Factors in Risk Management

Understanding the impacts of climate change can help cities identify vulnerabilities, adapt to projected changes and ensure viability of road networks. Resilient Analytics™ has global experience in road network analysis, adaptation and climate-wise investment strategies.

Case Studies

State of California: Impacts and Adaptations through 2050



Identify critical vulnerabilities and improve asset life


Avoid costly degradation from climate impacts through proactive adaptation

Energy Analysis:

Energy Reduction and sustainability needs to take account of a changing climate

Vulnerability Assessments:

Understand climate change and the impacts on the infrastructure

Adaptation Options:

The effects of climate change are applied to individual components of infrastructure ...

Risk Management:

Allow decision-makers to identify critical performance issues