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Climate Change Impacts


Climate Change Impacts




Resilience starts with Infrastructure (2015)
Sometimes it takes a disaster such as the floods and wildfires of 2013 to highlight the critical role the infrastructure plays in our daily lives. Paul S. Chinowsky's story in the Boulder Daily Camera highlights studies, options and risks faced on the Front Range and in Boulder Country. Click here for article.

Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study (2015)
The new report "The Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study," was commissioned by the Colorado Energy Office. It is a sector-by-sector analysis of the challenges that state residents and leaders will have to deal with in coming decades. It also details many of the ways Coloradoans are already grappling with these issues, and where other strategies may help mitigate risk. CIRES (2015, February 4) Retrieved from link. Click here for article.

Best Paper Award
"Resilience vs. Risk: Assessing the cost of climate change adaptation to California's transportation system and the city of Sacramento." Presented at Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 13 January 2015. Amy Schweikert, Xavier Espinet, Sara Goldstein and Paul Chinowsky.

Co-Director and Founder Paul Chinowsky named one of the 2014 Colorado Innovators by 5280 Magazine (November 2014)
Paul Chinowsky has been named one of the 2014 Colorado Innovators by 5280 Magazine in the Environment category. Recognizing the work that the Resilient Analytics™ researchers have accomplished, the profile highlights how, "IPSS™ relies on historic climate data as well as information about building materials, energy usage, and the age of the infrastructure to provide governments with a concrete to-do list for combatting the effects of climate change." Click Here for Article

Co-Director and Founder Xavier Espinet presents at 10th Annual International Conference for Sustainable Transport, hosted by Embarq Mexico and the World Resources Institute (Mexico City, Mexico)(October 2014)
Xavier Espinet presented research on climate change impacts projected by RA on transportation infrastructure in Central America at the Sustainable Transport Conference in Mexico. The conference brought together professionals from throughout Latin America to discuss sustainability and resilience issues for transportation systems.

Research interns present in-progress findings at University of Colorado Boulder's Annual Global Development & Education Symposium (Boulder, Colorado) (October 2014)
Sara Goldstein, Aleka Stevens, and Nikki van den Heever presented their poster on Climate Change, Infrastructure Vulnerability, and Development and Oriol Venceslao presented his poster on How Cities Deal WIth Climate Change: A Global Study, at the Global Development & Education Symposium hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Resilient Analytics™ presents findings from Preliminary Climate Impact Assessment Study to City Council (City of Boulder, Colorado) (September 2014)
RA Personnel presented the findings from their study of City of Boulder facilities to the City Council during a preliminary planning meeting.

Resilient Analytics™ Executive Director Paul Chinowsky invited to participate in the Colorado Climate Network (August 2014)
Paul Chinowsky is serving as the Technical Resource to the Infrastructure Group in the new Colorado Climate Network which was formed to assist cities throughout Colorado to determine vulnerabilities to projected climate change.

Award earned for "Climate Change and Infrastructure Impacts: Comparing the Impacts on Roads in 10 Countries" at Humanitarian Technology Conference (Boston, Massachusetts) (May 2014)
Amy Schweikert and Xavier Espinet were awarded the Best Paper Award at the 2014 Humanitarian Technology Conference for the RA research on comparing climate change impacts in developed and developing countries. Click Here for Article.



Identify critical vulnerabilities and improve asset life


Avoid costly degradation from climate impacts through proactive adaptation

Energy Analysis:

Energy Reduction and sustainability needs to take account of a changing climate

Vulnerability Assessments:

Understand climate change and the impacts on the infrastructure

Adaptation Options:

The effects of climate change are applied to individual components of infrastructure ...

Risk Management:

Allow decision-makers to identify critical performance issues