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Climate Change Impacts


Climate Change Impacts




Understanding vulnerability to climate change is imporant – equally important is identifying strategic investment strategies to retain asset performance throughout its design life and increase financial savings.

Adaptation analysis focuses on comparing a do-nothing ("business as usual") scenario with a proactive adaptation scenario. For adaptation, specific investment strategies and actions are identified to keep pace with stress from a changing climate. A holistic cost-benefit analysis compares the costs of an annual basis for each strategy to inform financial planning. Any (or all) of nearly 80 climate change models can be used to identify trends, magnitude of impacts and specific strategies based on climate change future projections.

Optional and mandatory adaptation strategies are separated to identify the most critical investments (such as indoor air quality or energy demand guidelines) and ways to maxmimize benefit while minimizing potential regrets.

Adaptation Analysis includes two main components:

  • Specific adaptation needs & options: Identify infrastructure components that need upgrading – what roads, buildings or energy issues have been identified as vulnerable and what the mandatory or suggested actions are to be taken. Annual or decadal projections are given based on projected use and climate change models.

  • Cost-benefit analysis: Estimate the differences in cost between multiple scenarios: a business-as-usual no adaptation option is compared with a proactive adaptation option for any/all climate change scenarios analyzed. Time scales are given to compare the up-front costs with the long-term savings to help prioritize and identify key investments with low-regret financing.



Identify critical vulnerabilities and improve asset life


Avoid costly degradation from climate impacts through proactive adaptation

Energy Analysis:

Energy Reduction and sustainability needs to take account of a changing climate

Vulnerability Assessments:

Understand climate change and the impacts on the infrastructure

Adaptation Options:

The effects of climate change are applied to individual components of infrastructure ...

Risk Analysis & Profiles:

Allow decision-makers to identify critical performance issues