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Resilient Analytics™

Climate Change Impacts


Climate Change Impacts




Enable every stakeholder to make informed and balanced decisions by understanding the vulnerability, impacts and adaptation options climate change imposes upon key infrastructure assets.

About Us

Resilient Analytics™ was founded by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder based on ten years of research in the areas of engineering risk analysis, climate science, infrastructure design and deployment as well as economics to provide clients with in-depth analysis of climate risks to projects, cities, regions and countries

Resilient Analytics™ is the creator of the IPSS System™.

What We Do

We provide quantified vulnerability assessment, strategic adaptation options and risk management. Our focus is to help our clients understand specific climate change impacts and seize the opportunity to create resilient and sustainable solutions.

Engineering-based research and analysis is combined with IPCC-Approved climate change modeling to understand specific vulnerabilities that exist for key infrastructure assets.

RA is committed to enabling stakeholders have a better understanding of climate change and the potential impacts on assets.

Why Climate Change?

Climate change is a global challenge that affects all geographic regions and people at all economic levels. At the core of this impact is the potential effect on civil infrastructure systems – the foundation of modern society. From transportation to buildings and water systems to power and communication networks, civil infrastructure is the foundation on which daily activities are dependent.



Identify critical vulnerabilities and improve asset life


Avoid costly degradation from climate impacts through proactive adaptation

Energy Analysis:

Energy Reduction and sustainability needs to take account of a changing climate

Vulnerability Assessments:

Understand climate change and the impacts on the infrastructure

Adaptation Options:

The effects of climate change are applied to individual components of infrastructure ...

Risk Management:

Allow decision-makers to identify critical performance issues