Leadership Team


Paul S. Chinowsky, Co-Director

Dr. Paul S. Chinowsky is Founder and Co-Director of Resilient Analytics and the Director of the Program in Environmental Design at the University of Colorado Boulder. Professor Chinowsky brings over 20 years of experience in engineering, computer science, management, and architecture to the Resilient Analytics team. He has worked with Fortune 500 organizations as well as leading ENR engineering and construction firms providing expertise on global engineering and emerging issues. He has published results in both engineering and economic journals to disseminate the evolutionary approach to climate adaptation.

Prof. Chinowsky received his Bachelor and Master in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1987 and 1988 respectively. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering from Stanford University in 1991.


Kenneth Strzepek, Co-Director

Kenneth Strzepek has spent 30 years as a researcher and practitioner at the nexus of engineering, environmental and economics systems, primarily related to water resource planning and management, river basin planning, and modeling of agricultural, environmental, and water resources systems. His work includes applications of operations research, engineering economics, micro-economics and environmental economics to a broad range applications: from project scale to national and global investment policy studies. He is Professor Emeritus of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Prof. Strzepek has a PhD in Water Resources Systems Analysis from MIT, an MA in Economics from the University of Colorado and is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Hamburg, Germany.


Jacob Helman, Lead Technical Engineer

Jacob Helman is the Lead Technical Engineer for Resilient Analytics, Inc. Jacob specializes in energy demand modeling in buildings as well as leading the technical analysis of climate impact data. Jacob has lead several major initiatives for Resilient Analytics including the development of rail and building impact modules. He is currently leading an effort to quantify impacts on coastal communities due to sea level rise and storm surge. Jacob came to Resilient Analytics after receiving his Master of Science degree in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and his Bachelors degree from the University of Pittsburgh 

Board of Managers


Robert Hutchison

Robert "Hutch" Hutchinson, MBA has 30 years of experience in energy research and business strategy and decision-making. He is a Senior Fellow at Rocky Mountain Institute, working across all energy use sectors to support specific RMI priorities and to work on projects expanding the footprint and impact of RMI beyond sectors where its programs focus. He has a particular interest in a) impact-focused entrepreneurship and b) Design and Decision-making processes (ie: "decision architecture") including new Financing models. He was previously Managing Director for all of RMI's programmatic activities, shaping teams and priorities and snsuring funding for its programs. He was directly responsible for three of RMI's practices, those focusing primarily on Efficiency and Design as change drivers. Hutch was previously a Partner and Director with the Boston Consulting group for almost 20 years (1988-2008), where he focused on global businesses, infrastrcture industries (energy, telecoms and resources), high technology including biotech and agritech and corporate finance. He was involved in starting two of BCG's global practices (Energy and IT) and three offices (Mexico, Washington DC and Brazil) during his tenure, and worked on five continents.